Dion Hinchcliffe offers some perspectives on web2.0 and what it means to the enterprise

As a product manager in a medium sized enterprise software company, I certainly can appreciate Dion's perspective. As an organization we've already embraced many agile practices, while at the same time still have a centralized org structure that at times defies the agile model completely. My point is that the web2.0 + enterprise software mashup has yet really materialize / go mainstream yet.

There are many aspects of web2.0 that are simply NOT applicable in the enterprise software biz, and that's just fine - after all we're not talking about online word processing, picture sharing, and lifehacking - we're talking about building bullet proof software for the Global 2000. Do you really think Bank of America would include a piece of web2.0 technology that's in "public beta" in its online banking solutions?I highly doubt it.

At the same time, there are a ton of benefits that can probably be realized in bringing strategic web2.0 concepts to the enterprise. For example - the mashup phenomena that is sweeping across the net right now is driving a lot of the innovation behind most web2.0 startups and it appears to be working. New business models still need to emerge, but the pace of innovation is quite astounding right now.

Think about bringing the idea of mashups to the enterpriseweb2.0 [thanks for the tag Dion. Did you coin it?]. Wouldn't it be cool if we could build upon the SOA model that we're trying to get our enterprise customers to move to and allow them to quickly and securely expose public mashable apis that their partners, customers, suppliers, and other constituents can quickly consume and integrate into their new "enterpriseweb2.0 applications"? Certainly an interesting concept worth more exploration.

This is a really interesting topic that's been on my mind for the past few months. It's good to see someone else posting about it in the blogosphere. Thanks for the post Dion.

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