10 things that currently frustrate me.

OK - I've been thinking about this for a bit and thought I'd toss it out there for the blogosphere to digest.

1. Not being able to capture thoughts, todo items, and having an effective way to manage them. jott is my latest attempt to bring order to the chaos that is my brain.

2. Getting 1x EVDO signal on Verizon's 3G network in my home, while I get 5 bar EDGE/GPRS from Cingular.

3. My cable internet, voip, and hd cable provider. Service is quickly going down hill and getting less and less reliable. Also can't stand the increasing cost after 6 month promotion expires.

4. Not being able to control my HD DVR from my phone. I've heard that Tivo has a solution for this. DirectTV here I come??? If what they say is true, I look forward to the days of having complete control over my DVR and a hundreds of HD channels to choose from.

5. Staring at my terabyte Yellow Machine storage device sitting next to my crappy Motorola HD DVR that only has a 250GB drive. Not being able to archive my HD content in an easy and efficient manner sucks or being able to expand the storage capacity of said DVR.

6. Being able to capture an hour of video on my phone, but only being able to send 15 sec clips over MMS / email from my LG VX9900.

7. Being locked into 2 year contract with my Verizon EVDO PCMCIA card that I hardly ever use.

8. The state of my NCAA brackets.

9. Not having the bandwidth to attend some of the interesting web2.0++ events going on right now.

10. Not having the time to get my blog off of Blogger and onto a home-hosted Ubuntu / Wordpress soln.