This weeks' latest craze. Friendfeed > Twitter > Quotably > Tweetburner

In case you haven't tried any of these sites out, I'd highly recommend you take a look. This is for anyone who is relatively new to social media, microblogging, and socnets (social networks) in general and hasn't yet heard about twitter and the amazing things you can do/learn from the twitterverse.

1. Twitter - the center of the interwebs. http://twitter.com

2. Friendfeed - the latest uber-socnet aggregator. http://friendfeed.com 

3. Quotably - new site that allows you to better track twitter conversations. http://quotably.com

4. Tweetburner - nifty new URL shortener, but geared for Twitter. Similar to TinyURL. http://tweetburner.com 

That's all for now.

PS - I so want to get this new gadget to compliment my Verizon EVDO USB modem. 

Dusting off teh cobwebs. hello world. again.

It's been almost a year since I've written anything on this blog. With all of the change that's happened in my life this past year and the somewhat chaotic roller coaster of a ride I've been on, it's been difficult for me to muster up the time and energy to contribute on a regular basis.

This post is a new attempt to change that trend and start contributing quality content back to the interwebs. I'm gonna keep my posts short and sweet, but I hope that this is the start of what will become a more consistent and interesting forum that allows me to post more than 140 characters per post (no offense twitter)