addicted to twitter?

OK - so I've spent the last couple hours geeking out on twitter. I'm fascinated by its rapid growth and am interested in understanding how the social aspects of its features are being used. I am a twitter noob, but I've found a couple of useful posts, and more importantly found some "web2.0" friendly peeps to follow on twitter. This will be my rapid ramp up program. I just figured out how to post to twitter from my mobile via txt, I also have an IM account that I can post to using meebo.com, I also added a Post to Twitter link to my Firefox search bar, and I'm starting to understand their apis and syntax for posting to the site. I'm curious to see how this site will grow and evolve over time. Happy twittering all.

just say no to aprilFools2.0

Ok. The april fools stuff online is getting a bit out of control. and now it's spreading like wildfire across the blogosphere and interwebs. From techcrunch, to gmail, technorati, and even scriptingnews and yahoo. Great work all. Here's my collection of spoofed sites. Enjoy all.