yours truly...self pic at SEMA [?] taken w. Qualia 016

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nano w. 50 gal reef in background, qualia 016 on couch (ll)

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nano.reef.tank 4 my nephew

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nano.tank - 18g - 4 logan's 3rd bday

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GLM - western hemisphere

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GLM - western US sat view - rendering inproc

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GLM - seattle map view - post zoom out ~4x

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GLM - new query

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GLM detail view + options

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GLM map view rendering in proc

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GLM Menubar

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Google Local Mobile [GLM]

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starting point: home address

glm query: fish store

Google Local for mobile

After initial disappointment after reading the following statement in the GLM FAQ:

We have temporarily removed access to Local for mobile for users of the T-Mobile network. We are working closely with T-Mobile to quickly restore availability. Check back soon.

Luckily I am a dork and carry no fewer than 3 SIMs on my person. I simply swapped out my t-mobile SIM for my Cingular SIM, reprovisioned my GPRS and MMS settings, and successfully downloaded and loaded the GLM jar to my RAZR phone. Then the fun began.

Test #1 -

1) Enter home address
2) click Satellite
3) zoom in,
4) zoom in,
5) search for "italian"
6) 1-9 results display with closest in detail view
7) scroll through restaurants with 1-9 keys
8) click any listing detail for options
9) options include call, directions to, directions from

simple, powerful, useful.

Test #2 - point to point directions

1) click a place on the satellite map
2) zoom in
3) zoom in
4) zoom in
5) click to set starting point
6) use phone arrow buttons to move map/satellite to desired end point
7) click to set ending point
8) point to point txt instructions displayed. map/satellite with route highlighted displayed in background.

Very impressive tech.

But, when can I get a GPS-enabled device to interface with it directly? I'll gladly pay top dollar to the first vendor who can put such a device in my hand.

Way to go google. Why do we continue to have this love hate relationship? Please don't turn into the evil empire. I must admit, I'm blown away at the capabilities of this 93k jar - even with the pathetic sub-56k GPRS connection from my RAZR phone on Cingular's network.

If you have a Java enabled mobile device, I would STRONGLY recommend that you check this out ASAP.

This will change your life.

I'd highly recommend it. I can already see how this is going to change my life in a number of positive ways...and one can only imagine what will happen once I track down a device that runs on one of these new 3g+ data networks...bring it. This coupled with my current work with SoonR, and my netOS R&D effort bring me one step closer to my goal. The quest continues...


PS - I was able to launch the app using my T-Mobile SIM, and I could enter a starting address, but the data connection would not connect. Hopefully Google and T-Mobile can get these kinks ironed out.


I finally broke down and started using Shutterfly. I must say, I'm pretty impressed. Easy to use UI and very zippy given the size of the 45 or so pics I uploaded in the collection below. I also like the fact that I can create a unique URL like the one below for just about any collection of pictures and share it instantly with whomever I like. Simple, fast, effective.



Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam - Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Check out the sequence from
22 November 2005 - 15:00:26 PST


22 November 2005 - 16:00:26 PST

Rockfall sent up an ash plume. I just saw a report on CNN talking about it. Nothing out of the ordinary for Mt St. Helens at this point. The eruption patterns have not changed for months, although the volcano continues to extrude lava at a pretty impressive rate and is more or less an open eruptive system at this point.

Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam - Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Here's a great site to get all the gory details straight from the USGS at the CVO in Vancouver, WA.