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Still getting familiar with the lifehack ui and process. published a similar version of top10 list on dealing with info overload. appears that my article is # 104 in the lifehack queue. wonder whether it will move up, or simply fall off the list and wither and die. This is all an experiment for me, so time will tell.

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sem | antics: Twelve Signs You're Taking This Too Seriously

humor. got to put all this web2.0 crapola into perspective sometimes yah know?

sem | antics: Twelve Signs You're Taking This Too Seriously

a top 10 list >> how to deal with information overload >> a day in the life of a web2.0 addict

This is an experiment in a living and breathing and constantly evolving journal/post/top10 list. I will do my best to filter out the noise, but there are some important thoughts that I need to get down to help me with some ideas I have. it will be an evolutionary process. please bare with me. web2.0 makes my head hurt, but I think its too important to not focus on the current trends sweeping across the net right now. What do you think?

Here's a delightful collection of the most important tools, gadgets, services, mashups, and "web2.0 methodologies" that I currently use to deal with information overload and best manage the wealth of information I'm exposed to on the intermobilewebnet.

[12:05pm - Jan 6, 2005 - I suppose I should probably put a top10 here somewhere so here are the current top 10 useful things that I employ to help deal with information overload (dave letterman style)

10. social networking, instant messaging, communication, collaboration, and community. linkedIn, myspace, orkut.com, hotornot, GAIM, meebo, skype, trillian

Gotta have communications channels right? IM is something that most of us have been using for 10+ years. Advancements in IM standards make things like meebo.com and the ability to build a social network possible. You gotta start somewhere and whether your looking to meet new people or just do some business networking, these sites can be (a) entertaining, (b) helpful, and (c) a real time sink. I have just recently started to play around with this tech and while interesting, it has yet to have any real impact on my daily life. Use at your own risk.

9. pics, photo mgmt & sharing. Picasa, Shutterfly, flickr, and ifranview, are my essential photo management tools. My current arsenal of photo-taking devices include a Sony cybershot DSC T1 (5mp), Sony Qualia 016 (2.0mp spycam), razr phone cam (.8 mp), samsung phone cam (1.3 mp). some interesting pic collections: http://u2mgmvegas.shutterfly.com/action/, http://u2rosegardenpdx.shutterfly.com/action/

8. google. Google Desktop Search & Sidebar, search, local, google local 4 mobile, news, adsense froogle, public apis, many more.

7. gadgets, mobile & wireless. razr, samsung t-809, bluetooth, Garmin GPS 2720, ipod nano, ipod v3 40GB + alpine auto system integration (sux), soonr, winksite, google local 4 mobile, motomodders, engadget.

6. web2.0. feeds, tags, rss, top10 lists, most popular, blogs, mashups, social bookmarking, collective intelligence, feed aggregators, zeitgist, ajax, web2.0, open source, source forge, del.icio.us, flickr, flock, google, the list could go on and on and on and on.

5. blogging, feeds & rss. technorati, blogger, feedburner, feedblitz, bloglines,

4. tagging & social bookmarking tech. del.icio.us, flickr, tailrank, myweb2.0 (yhoo), digg, many others, w

3. web2.0 services. writely, soonr, backpackit, clipmarks, winksite,

2. OS tweaks, Firefox on roids, and related netOS tech
. bare minimum essentials. firefox + massive extensions + tweaking + operating system optimizations, efficient use of ff links bar (my netOS start menu), and arsenal of web2.0 services and resulting mashups, bootable linux on a stick.

1. top 10 & most popular lists - best web2.0 software, del.icio.us/tag/top10, , top digg stories, google search for "top10 lists", many many more.



We need a controlled vocabulary and some best practices and/or guidlines for taggers asap. If not, this whole social tagging and bookmarking phenomena is going to implode and get muddied with dirty metadata. I am of the opinion that we should strive to apply the library of congress cataloging rules (or similar methodology) and establish a set of rules for tagging and assigning metadata descriptions to internet works.

It's got to happen before tagging goes mainstream or else we're going to be back in the same place we were with the early search engines in the 1998-2000 era of the interweb.

Who wants to join my mission to bring the concept of a controlled vocabulary and set of guidelines for tagging to sites like del.icio.us, digg, and all the other tagging sites? If you're on board, please leave me a comment or track me down on my blog.

If I get enough interest, I'll commit to whipping up a very interesting site based on an idea that I've had to help address the controlled vocab and best practices for assigning metadata descriptions topics. Who's in?

The rate of progress and innovation in the above topic areas is starting to make my brain ache, and I'm finding myself ignoring some of the most basic life functions (eating, sleeping) to "geek out" on it. As a technologist with an educational background in library and info science, it is so easy for me to get sucked in to the above topics.

Why is this important/needed?

As these technologies, innovations, and social phenomena continue to power the current wave of innovation (e.g. the "public api mashup and create a new ajax-powered site" phenomena),i'm finding it harder and harder to manage the exponentially increasing wealth of information that streams across my eyeballs and into my aching brain. the problem is that all of this information is interesting and relevant, and there's no way I can possibly sift through it all in a 24 hour day.

This is why I really need a way to work more efficiently and effectively and improve my ability to filter out the noise and only focus on those info gems that I deem most relevant. Thankfully, web2.0 gives me the collective intelligence of the ENTIRE world to help guide me in the right direciton. This is simply amazing and is one of my biggest areas of interest in web2.0.

The social aspects of web2.0 are fueling the ability for sites like del.icio.us and digg.com to deliver really interesting, USEFUL, and RELEVANT information [feeds] to any device that I can connect to the net. This has given me a window into some of the most useful lifehacks that I am actively working on to address the very issue that I'm referring to in this post.

As an example of how important I think the social aspects of web2.0 will power my ability to discover more relevant info, sites, services,people, you name it --- I recently changed my browser homepage from my.yahoo.com (which I've been using for 10+ years) to del.icio.us/popular

In my opinion, the social bookmarking and networking phenomena is driving a new wave of amorphous, adaptive, dynamic, and intelligent sites and services that automagically filter out the noise. This is the power of the "collective intelligence" that is sweeping across the net. People, not technology are driving this [r]evolution (?). look at the weird connections between web2.0 and china that I've just started blogging about.


More to come on this topic in a bit. Got to take a break and put my laundry in the dryer (which I've been putting off for way too long).


TechCrunch » AllPeers Is The FireFox “Killer App”

Funny how people reconnect. I stumbled across this post on via a del.icio.us entry point and ended up here, at a post about a new startup, started by none other than Matt Gertner - who I know from the early days of ebXML and related XML standards, back in 2000. Way to go Matt. Can't wait to get my hands on this stuff. I want my beta account. Matt! Find me. Please ;-]

TechCrunch » AllPeers Is The FireFox “Killer App”



Some pretty smart peeps asking pretty hard questions...


ProgrammableWeb: Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix


ProgrammableWeb: Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix

“Let the Good Times Roll” by Guy Kawasaki: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

Some great ppt tips from the infamous garage.com founder and purveyor of the "bootcamp for startups" seminar. I had the opportunity of attending a 2 day marathon seminar that Guy put on back in 1997. Good to see him blogging and back in the arena. Would love to get his take on the web2.0 + China phenomena that I've just starting blogging about over at http://web20china.blogspot.com

Thanks for the pointers Guy.

“Let the Good Times Roll” by Guy Kawasaki: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint


bdeseattle's completed things on 43 Things

Just started using 43places today. Great way to catalog and share places I've visited. Yet to explore to social angle of this service. seems very cool though. also be sure to check out http://43things.com as well. another site powered by collective intelligence and social networking. very cool.

bdeseattle's completed things on 43 Things

Netvibes >> My current leading web2.0 ajax rss feed aggregator

I think I'm liking netvibes better than all the other web2.0 ajax feed aggregators. very smooth, slick, and easy.

bdeseattle netOS >> a !web2.0 thing.