See the cuttlefish?

If you look closely, you can see the right eyeball and tentacles in the lower right portion of the photo - just below and to the right of the center of the photo. This guy's about 3 inches long and inhales just about anything you put into the tank. He currently lives in my 20 gal hex tank, which has a bunch of Mangroves growing out the top. I brought the mangroves back from Delray Beach, Florida a week before hurricane Wilma hit there. The mangroves are doing quite well. Will post a pic of them soon.

Cuttlefish pic taken with Samsung t-809 cameraphone.


Flowerpot leather coral with misc anthelia, sinularia, etc in background, not to mention some icky cyano

Pic from my 75 gal reef tank (Seaclear system II). This is going to become the sump for my 240 gallon macro-reef tank that I'm still working on setting up. Stay tuned for updates on the 240 reef project. I will be posting a thread on reefcentral.com as I build out the new setup.

Unknown species of sinularia? slightly green in color. sitting next to new rock w. nice yellow sponge

Unknown sinularia species? nice yellow sponge, flowerpot leathe in lower left background next to powerhead pump.

50 gal reef tank

Nice pic of my 50 gal reef with my recently divided rose bubble anemones with clarkii clown symbionts. clowns are over 5 years old and the female is the meanest fish in the tank. also visible are my clams - 1 squamosa and 2 gigas in the bottom of the pic. blue menkii starfish slightly visible in upper left portion of photo. Anthelia colony in background (top right above clownfish).

60 gal coffee table tank with bright neon red discosoma mushrooms, green zooanthids, star polyp, anthelia, xenia colony, bubble coral

Nice pic of my 60 gal coffee table tank with assorted corals.

wow. feb 27, 2006 - date of my last post - where has the time gone?

crazy. it's been almost a months since my last post. how fitting, as today is the first day I've been able to officially "take off" since I got back from the Super Bowl. Boy am I glad I finally have some time to breathe. There's a lot of catching up to do. If you nod off for a couple weeks in web2.0 time, that's like 5 years in "web1.0" time. hehe. anyway, as a treat to anyone who actually reads this blog, I'm going to start sending photos from my camera phone directly to this blog. hopefully this will give you a sense of what the heck I'm up to these days.

Lots of cool stuff going on at work. new position, new role, I'm writing Java code again, so look out. Definitely need to polish up on my coding skilz, but it's been a blast to get back into the web app / site design side of things. I'm using many of the new web2.0 techniques in my new endeavors. Will keep you posted on how things work out.

That's all for now. Gotta go check on my apt remodel. Also need to attend to the reef tanks. More on the super-reef tank conversion project in the coming weeks.